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Carlos Santana

San Francisco Bay Area

Santana at Winterland

What can I say about Carlos Santana! I have seen Santana so many times, mostly at Winterland in San Francisco. From the first time I saw the band playing songs from Abraxas, Santana IIIĀ  and felt the energy that spread from the stage to the crowd, it was pure magic. The first time I saw Santana was April 6 1973 at Winterland. It was such a treat to have a band that was filled with so much talent and energy that flowed together as one amazing machine. Though the name of the band was Santana, Carlos was not always center stage with the spotlight only on him. Imagine, Chapito, Peraza, Shrieve, Roli, Brown, Carabello, Thompson, Schon, Santana – all in unison playing amazing music. The first show had a popular Dutch band Focus open known for a smash hit Hocus-Pocus! Fun stuff. Next was Bobby Womack, a superstar who’s career started as the guitarist for Sam Cooke! The fun started