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The Rolling Stones

US Tour 1978   |  Oakland, California

Fast forward to July 26, 1978. The Rolling Stones headlined a classic Day On The Green at the Oakland Stadium. The bill for that concert was Toots and the Maytals opening followed by Peter Tosh creating a one two Reggae Jamaican love fest. Keith became associated with these famed musicians when he bought a house on Jamaica. The next band was Eddie Money who had a string of hits in those days and was thrilled to be included on this massive stage. The ‘warm-up’ band was Santana, no stranger to large crowds.

Jagger stormed the stage wearing orange parachute pants and a white leather jacket and was ready for another gig to entertain his fans. “Let It Rock” was the first song and Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood traded guitar licks as Charlie provided a steady beat along with Bill Wyman on Bass. The crowd was on their feet and cheering to The Rolling Stones in Concert! There is sheer power that is blasted through the amps and PA that is hard to describe. My whole body shook with the thundering bass and low end that filled the stadium. Mick is the consummate showman as he struts around the huge stage. Keith, Ronnie and Bill seem to stay away from the front not goading for the attention that their front man Jagger always commands.

Mick Jagger - Oakland

Next, The Stones belted out “All Down the Line’ a raucous number from Mainstreet that Keith takes the lead and belts out classic Stone riffs. Immediately a cowbell is heard and Honky Tonk Women is in full force! What a show!

One of my favorite memories of the ’78 show was the next song: Star Star – A tribute to all the groupies that seem to just show up and want more than a handshake. In the middle of the song a phallic blow up was swaying in the back of the stage as if waving and saying ‘Here I am!’

Some Girls hit “When The Whip Comes Down” is next. The crowd is feeling it and the Stones are in the groove w Jagger doing what he does best! Beast of Burden is now filling the arena with the crowd digging the groove.
I’ll never be your beast of burden
My back is broad but it’s a hurting
All I want is for you to make love to me
I’ll never be your beast of burden…”

Lies is next, another “Some Girls’ track from the latest release in 1978. Jagger is digging how the crowd is booping to the beat. 

#7 in the setlist is another gem from Some Girls — Miss You! Jagger penned this track knowing it would be contagious for a sing a long with classic lyrics:
“Hey, what’s the matter man?
We’re gonna come around at twelve
With some Puerto Rican girls that are just dyin’ to meet you
We’re gonna bring a case of wine
Hey, let’s go mess and fool around
You know, like we used to”

The Stones slow it down a bit with “Just My Imagination” The Temptations cover as Keith and Ronnie playfully tease each other. The crowd is loving it!

Some Girls ‘Shattered’ is the next track – a classic New York influenced tune with Jagger doing his thing all over the stage!

Little does the crowd know but the concert is seeding along and is already at the halfway point! “Respectable”, The A-side of the single and another track from Some Girls is #11 in the Day on the Green set list! Jagger was influenced by the ‘punk era’ of the ’70s when he came up with the three guitar chords. Classic Stones!

The next song in the set is another track from Some Girls — can you imagine that? Far Away Eyes is one of my faves from the album. Jagger playfully twangs a southern accent when he talks about a time driving early in the morning in Bakersfield, CA hearing on the radio that he could be ‘saved’ by a radio pastor wanting money! Fun, Fun!

Mick and Ronnie

Now the Robert Johnson 1937 song “Love in Vain” is #13 of the concert. This is one of my favorites from the ’72 concert as well as a track from “Got Live if You Want It!’

#14 is the Mainstreet single – Tumbling Dice another song that the crowd is digging!!! Jagger continues to strut getting the crowds love!

Keith finally gets the mic on his song Happy! He loves having a chance to put his spin on a Stones song center stage!

Things get a bit faster now with #16 Sweet Little Sixteen – the Chuck Berry hit. I still love the movie Hail, Hail, Rock and Roll where Keith is the musical director for a special Birthday concert for Chuck Berry. Chuck gets on Keith’s nerves telling him how he is playing the guitar riff wrong. They go back and forth with each playing with Berry complaining that Keith is not doing it right! Classic!

#17 is the 1st song and single from Sticky Fingers – Brown Sugar! Instantly recognized – Keith starts and Jagger belts out lyrics that the entire crowd knows word for word!

How can you have a Stones concert and not hear Jumpin’ Jack Flash? this hit was the last song of the concert and Ronnie, Keith and Jagger prolonged it as Charlie and Bill grooved with the back beat. Hard to believe that another Stones concert was coming to an end! The Stones leave the stage, waving to the crowd. Oakland was rocking and the shouts, whistles and clapping was deafening. But in a short bit, we were rewarded with another song!

The Stones reemerged on stage, and Keith and Bill played the iconic Stones song “Satisfaction!” What a show!

Fun Fact: Satisfaction was only played 5 times during the 1978 tour!